Take an easy tour around Troncones and Sierra Madre del Sur mountains
A minimum of 2, maximum of 8 people. 7:30am-10:30am or 4-7pm



Troncones is a Birder’s Paradise with a huge range of sub-tropical, sea dwelling, and exotic birds. On a daily basis you can see four species of hummingbirds, various magpies, orioles, finches, and exotics. Established populations of Brown Pelicans saunter through the sunset almost nightly, and with a nearby year-round estuary, there are huge amounts of aquatic birds. Situated in a  rich eco-system   you can move from Sub-tropical, Mountain & Desert all in a day’s drive. Just an hour south, there is an amazing wildlife refuge where you can see some of our rarest critters in an amazing, open air environment.