The Miracle Villa: Our History

"Villa Milagro is our family's miracle. 

My wish is for you to come visit and make your own milagro moments."  

- Berta Davis, Ph.D.  

How Our Miracle Villa Came To Be - and continues today.

“My late husband and I both saw our coming together as a miracle - we met on a blind date. From that moment on, whenever we had a drink, we toasted “to miracles."

Often, we toasted to the wonder of the miracle we were sharing at the moment, or one that we hoped would come -- like an unbelievable trip, a gathering of dear friends, the birth or our son, or the desire to create our own retreat in paradise. 

We've always been immensely grateful for the many miracles in our lives.  

So it was only natural, when we named our little slice of paradise, we'd call it Villa Milagro - The Miracle Villa.  After all, we built the villa in the middle of one of nature's most amazing miracles in Troncones, Mexico.  Every aspect of the estate is designed to enhance and celebrate the miraculous surroundings.

Unfortunately, I lost my husband just before the villa was complete. Over the last 10 years, I have worked hard to bring his vision to life, and I know he has been there with every step of the way in spirit. 

To our guests, I hope when you visit the villa, you make and take home many miracle moments to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Thank you for allowing my family to share our little miracle with you, your family and your friends.  Enjoy."