Surf Troncones Mexico! Known for its world class waves, there are over 12 epic surf breaks within 1 hour’s drive as well as many within walking distance.


Located in the heart of a small fishing village, the port of Zihuatanejo is one of the largest fishing destinations in Mexico. Known for some of the best fishing on the Pacific Seaboard, Zihuatanejo is for the fishing guru and novices, alike.


Troncones is a Birder’s Paradise with a huge range of sub-tropical, sea dwelling, and exotic birds. On a daily basis you can see 4 species of hummingbirds, various magpies, orioles, finches, and exotics.


The Troncones beaches and rain forest are lined with beautiful long caves and some under water dives. By talking to the locals in the area, you can easily find out where these hidden gems are.


Walking distance from the heart of the Ixtapa Hotel zone is a golfer’s dreams come true. With the addition of the Robert von Hagge designed golf course, these 18 holes are golfer’s paradise featuring several different designs and courses.


Hiking and walks are part of daily life in Troncones. There are miles of pristine beaches, endless jungles for exploration, and a lush eco-system teeming with birds, lizards, and tropical animals.


Meander through the estuaries and rivers with a guide or explore on your own. Kayaking trips start at about 150 pesos and rentals $40 per day.


Fun, fun, fun! With plenty of beautiful tropical fish, amazing coral reefs and exciting water dives, there are never enough minutes in the day for your first time snorkel or the professional scuba diver. There’s so much to see down below and so many destinations to behold.


All three of the beaches around Villa Milagro are protected for sea turtle breeding. It’s a wonderful experience to see the locals embrace this with all their hearts as it’s only been a few short years that it’s changed from Turtle Egg Soup to now having hatcheries all over the beach.


Meditation is the key to any wellness regimen and at Villa Milagro the atmosphere is ideal for you to find your center. Light waves crashing, wind at your back and on a private cove with not a soul around.


We suggest adding a massage to your stay, just to make it complete! The invigorating experience will leave you completely relaxed and ready to take on any other activities you may have planned.


Take a long ride either site seeing in the town or galloping on the beach. This is a perfect activity for the whole family or just the two of you, enjoying a romantic sunset ride.