Mexico Villa Milagro also known as ‘House of Miracles’ is one of the most luxurious properties in Playa Troncones, Mexico. Operating as a boutique hotel, one of the features which makes this villa unique to Troncones is that we offer full meal and bar service throughout the day.  Suites have magnificent views, directly on the ocean, creating a structure which is in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy we call organic architecture. Sitting solo on a secluded beachfront cove, we are a fully enclosed paradise that is as serene as it is secure.   The villa consists of three spacious suites on the ocean, with thatched roofs created from palm fronds by local craftsmen, mixing durability and artistry.  In addition, we have just built three air -conditioned rooms with private bathrooms, two with ocean views and one lovely garden view. Created by local artisans and craftsmen in an eco-friendly style, this estate is exclusively located on a pristine, private cove with panoramic views of the ocean and mountains and is known as “Lover’s Beach” by locals. Troncones is known for its healing energy, attracting artists and creative people for generations. Scenic vistas include the ever-changing sea, acres of untouched tropical landscapes and the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains. Gentle waves offer the ultimate backdrop to meditate or lullaby into a perfect night’s sleep. The pristine beaches help create an environment where individuals can integrate their mind, body, and spirit without the hustle bustle of city stress.  Villa Milagro is a truly romantic and sensual vacation hideaway.

Troncones, a gem of the Pacific, voted by Sunset Magazine as a hidden paradise, welcomes visitors with open arms.  Villa Milagro is only a thirty- minute drive from Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International Airport or a 45 minute plane ride from Mexico City.   It is directly south of the homes, restaurants and activities of the quaint village of Troncones and only a ten- minute walk from the center of town. We are fortunate in that Troncones Bay happens to be a sanctuary established by the Mexican government to protect sea turtles that lay their eggs along these magnificent white sandy beaches. Depending upon the season, you might witness turtles laying their eggs or the birth of hundreds of baby turtles moving toward life and sea.

Villa Milagro

The Villa’s beach entrance is in front of a pristine and rock free ocean, perfect for swimming, boogie boarding, or surfing. The water temperature averages a very inviting temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. Adjacent to the beach where Villa Milagro is situated is a tranquil tide pool area and a five minute, bucolic walk leads to a private snorkeling beach.  Also, less than a mile away are hidden waves perfect for surfers.  Take a plunge into the beautiful infinity pool to cool off from the heat or lay in the warm rays of the sun to work on your tan while watching flocks of pelicans delight the eye in wondrous movement and dance. As this Mexican vacation destination lies close to a rain forest, walking or hiking in the woods is a must!  If your inclination is for a more active experience, you can horseback ride, take an eco-tour, snorkel, do yoga, surf, swim, fish and then have a massage. If nightlife is your penchant the communities of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are within a stone’s throw and offer great shopping, night clubs and exquisite restaurants.

The owners of this magnificent property are world class travelers and have built a sanctuary by the sea and in every nook and cranny one can find examples of their appreciation for Asian, African and Indonesian crafts. This Zen like environment adds to the inner quietude which can be easily achieved away from the hustle and bustle of city life and stress. One is able to leisurely walk along a three and a half mile, white sand beach to local restaurants and coffee houses and not be disturbed by anything more engaging than a few surfers, fellow joggers and the sweet sound of  ocean waves lightly lapping on the beach. The environment can be transformed from an intimate romantic hideaway for two to a facility to house family retreats, weddings and workshops.


The villa sits on two ocean front lots with ocean and mountain views from every vantage point and there’s a nearly rock free ocean access in front of the villa.

Complementing the artistic vision of the architects, the properties magic has been enhanced through the wisdom and friendship of their interior designer, Brandon Hoskins from Los Angeles.  According to Mr. Hoskins, ”When my client, a psychologist, asked me to work with her on a home in Mexico where some suites had  minimal  exterior walls, windows or doors, I thought she was on the wrong side of the couch.  However, in 2009, the challenge and excitement of designing Villa Milagro left me full of anticipation, while the beauty and simplicity of Troncones had me spellbound.  Once I saw the house, I was hooked”.  Recently, three new rooms have been created, offering those guests who are more interested in the comfort of air conditioning and traditional accommodations, a different choice to enjoy this special property.



The living room, or as it is called in Mexico, the common area for dining and socializing, is the heart of the home. It surrounds an infinity swimming pool and decks. You’d be hard pressed to find a more perfect place to watch the sun go down than from the infinity pool. It provides the illusion that the pool and ocean are one. There’s also a hot tub to soak away the day’s activities!  Dolphins, birds and other natural water, land and air creatures will delight your every sense.



Nothing brings friends and family together like a great meal! Our staff will prepare titillating, gourmet dishes for you, as you are seated at the custom made ten- foot, hand crafted table, in super comfortable chairs pleasing all your senses.  Here at Villa Milagro breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared, based on any specific dietary requirements and desires.

We offer a great variety of options, let us know and we will give you all the details!  Our experienced staff will do their best to meet your every need and make your stay a positively memorable one. For your dining pleasure, perhaps sitting on the ocean is your preference?  You can choose to share a meal with friends and family while listening to the calming waves of the ocean or watch birds frolic in the wind. An additional dining terrace has a six- foot table and two benches for dining al fresco or playing games.

In addition, there are many restaurants in the village of Troncones that specialize in classic Mexican dishes and seafood. Dining options can be further discussed when making reservations.

Beach Front Lounge

From the moment one enters this special space, one is immediately touched by the beauty that surrounds you. This is the perfect home for talking, playing, socializing, relaxing, pleasurable joyful lounging, eating and maybe even a little romance for you, your family and your friends.