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Villa Milagro

Villa Milagro also known as ‘House of Miracles’ is one of the most luxurious properties in Playa Troncones, Mexico. Operating as a small boutique hotel, one of the features which makes this property unique is that we offer full meal, bar and concierge services throughout the day. Suites have magnificent views, facing directly to the beach creating a structure which is in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy we call organic architecture.
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The Villa consists of three spacious buildings with thatched roofs created from palm fronds by local craftsmen mixing durability and artistry, open to the Pacific Ocean with six private rooms and a capacity for up to thirteen guests.



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From World Class Surfing and Golf, to a relaxing hike on the miles of pristine beaches and through the endless jungles for exploration, the area around Villa Milagro is sure to feed your desire for adventure. But, if your dream is a little more pampered, enjoy a relaxing massage or sign up for a private Yoga and meditation class to put your mind and body at peace.

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